“THE REAL STORY” (Episode 2)

Welcome to the “The Real Story” series. This is a series of articles to help readers have the opportunity to listen to and analyze “real” stories, from “real” experiences, of “real” people when learning and applying Qi Men Dun Jia.

In Episode 2 of the “The Real Story” series, we will analyze the case of Miss Katy in 2018. (You can read episode 1 here)

On 08/02/2018 (11:54), Katy came and asked Mr. Dougles Chan about her marriage. Katy does not know whether her marriage to her fiancé will be happy to the point of graying out.

Let’s join this episode to find out the answer for Miss Katy based on the analysis of the Qi men Dun Jia chart!

First, Mr. Dougles Chan analyzed the chart and looked at the overall situation of Katy’s marriage.

The elements that represent this answer are all very positive and offer many good opportunities. From there, on the whole, Katy’s response to getting married was very good. However, in Qi Men Dun Jia, we have not stopped there. We need to dig deeper into Katy, the person who posed the question.

For further analysis, Master Dougles Chan observes the Five Elements between Katy and marriage in the Qimen chart and explains as follows.

Katy belongs to the element of Fire. This marriage has the element of Water. In the law of the Five Elements, Fire and Water will conflict with each other. This means that the marriage will not be very good.

Next, Master Dougles Chan looked at the chart as a whole and realized that this was a Fuyin chart. 

The Fuyin chart in Qi Men Dun Jia implies a difficult, arduous, and painful process. When encountering a Fuyin chart, one should not proceed with any plan because it is a bad situation. 

And the end result is?

If only looking at the general answer, this seems to be a happy marriage. But if analyzed deeply, this marriage will appear to have conflict, difficulty, and hurt.

Advice for Katy: 

She shouldn’t have started this marriage. 

What was the actual result?

After listening to his teacher’s advice, Katy still believes in this marriage and has married the person she loves. Until a few months ago, she told Mr. Dougles Chan that she was divorced from her husband.

And that’s the story of today’s episode. Therefore, we can see that the strength and value that Qi Men  carries is very reliable. See you again in episode 3! 

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