Why do I always carry a red colour hand phone cover

This red colour represents fire and in elements which are called the fire elements. Fire elements actually enhance the earth so under my category I actually belong to an earth category.

Wu stands for somebody who is actually grounded and reliable, trustworthy and usually can be quite rich. Having the fire itself actually helps to enhance the energy of this earth element and then from that is able to help me in this aspect. Of course this is based on Chinese metaphysics elements, whether it is true or not that’s another story.

But one thing for sure is by doing so there’s few things that happen first consciously it makes you feel good consciously and then at the same time subconsciously it makes you think that ok my life is going to get better. I will start to do better things, I will be more positive and I will be more active in doing the work that I’m doing.

A lot of things are just consciously and subconsciously whether scientifically proven then is another story. That is very difficult to prove but ultimately is when you understand and you kind of believe such things itself you do certain things whereby it helps you to improve your life. Ultimately it’s up to the person to believe some people may not believe it’s fine but ultimately it’s your activity your action will make a difference to what you succeed in life. Whether you want to make money or have a better relationship, better health etc etc.

Whatever thing that you do will actually make you feel better and your action itself is going to create that kind of activity. This is based on the five elements concept under this Qi Men.

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