As mentioned earlier, Qi Men Dun Jia brings us a lot of benefits in life. One of them is determining the best time and date to perform certain tasks, such as marriage, surgery, moving house, moving office, or completing important projects or plans.It can be a wedding, having a baby, signing a contract, investing in a new project, filing a lawsuit, building a house, even a funeral. Oriental people, in general, or Vietnamese people, in particular, have a great belief that when you do important work on a good day, a good hour will bring good and smooth things. In fact, this is absolutely true, especially for things related to weddings, construction, business, health, and burials.

First, with the wedding, if we do not consider the good date and time in advance, the wedding ceremony will easily encounter many difficulties: weather, illness, or even the bride or groom can cancel the engagement before the wedding. On the contrary, if choosing a good time will help the wedding ceremony go smoothly, the marriage will have sweet and harmonious results for both the groom’s family and the bride’s family.

Next, the start of construction not only choose a good day and a good time, but they are also interested in finding the right person with the landlord so that the project can be started smoothly. In fact, there are people who do not believe in these things and wish to build a large building that cannot succeed because a lot of unexpected things happen: poor quality building materials, or even accidents.

Choosing the right time to open and invest in a business is critical, because the lucky time frame and date will promote smooth business projects.It can also help avoid bad financial risks in the future.

Finally, in terms of health and burial, choosing a good date and time is extremely important. You know, choosing a good time to perform surgery or plastic surgery will help everything go smoothly and successfully without leaving unnecessary sequelae. As for the burial, in order for the deceased to rest in peace and not affect the living, we need to invite the teacher to choose a good date and time for burial.

I – Thanh Truc – a follower of Mr. Dougles Chan and Qi Men Dun Jia, have also gone through many things that when done on good days and good times are very smooth. For example, on January 20, I registered for the IELTS exam at a very good time, so I did very well and achieved better results than expected. Or maybe my aunt opened her little clothing store at a good time, so her business is pretty good.

Reality has proven that many people have applied this benefit of Qi Men to important events, and as a result, all things go smoothly.

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