Digital Marketing For Bazi Consultant & Bazi Masters

Hi, this is Dougles Chan. Welcome to Qi Men Dun Jia.

Today, I will share with you some methods of online marketing for Bazi consultants.

Are you a Bazi consultant and looking for more ways to generate more customers for your Bazi business? This is the article for you.

Today, I will share with you some things that you can do to make your website much better in terms of using digital marketing. Are you using the Google search engine? Are you using social media? Or are you using any platforms to create more awareness? So, the question that a lot of people ask me is: “Is it important to have a social media account? Is it important to invest in a social media account?”

This is my answer. Social media is for your presence. It shows that you are there. However, getting customers from there is not a high chance. And even if you use Facebook ads or LinkedIn ads, I will tell you that the response is not fantastic. You may not get a lot of customers, and the cost involved in running these ads is quite high comparatively. So, in terms of social media, it helps to create your company’s presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Even if you want to create your own Instagram account, it is not an issue if you want to target the younger group. Because Instagram is mainly for people aged 20 to 40 years old.

The next thing is: Should we do Google ads?

Well, if it is short-term (3 to 6 months), you should use it in order to create more customers. Why did I say that? Because after 6 months, you will feel the pinch. I mean that the cost of advertising in pay-per-click or Google ads is too expensive. However, you may not get the customers that you want in Bazi reading as a business. I do not know how much you can charge, but the more you spend does mean that the more you get.

So, what else can we do? I will recommend you use Google search engine automation, which will optimize your website to be in the top 3. For example, when you search for “Bazi reading,” “Bazi consultant,” or “Bazi masters” on Google in your country, I can see your website in the top 3 or even the first. If you cannot find your website in the top 3, I will even tell you that you do need this website because nobody will visit it. Seriously, why do you create a website that nobody looks at? If you have a website, make sure that there are people visiting it.

Next, if you have a social media account, make sure you have a proper email address. For example, my website is, so my email is If you use an inappropriate email, it is not good for you. The less you pay in terms of other services (for example: email), the less you get in terms of customers.

So, the certain thing you need to invest in is a business card or name card in a professional way by designers. I do not encourage you to do it by yourself or DIY. If you are not a creative person, do not attempt to do website design or business card design by yourself. It just gives people the wrong impression that you are not good. Because if people perceive your website, logo, or business card correctly, you are able to create a better image or brand for yourself in the long run. 

How do you create more customers in another way?

You can get the testimonial on your website. If you are a newbie, how do you get customers to give you testimonials? The best thing is that you can get the testimonial from your friends, relatives, or anybody that really has the Bazi reading by you. The trick is that you do not charge them. Choose about 20 or 15 people who can get the Bazi reading from you, and in exchange, they must give you the testimonials on your reading, your services. From them, you can get at least 10 to 20 different testimonials about your Bazi reading. It is actually a simple method. So, you need the testimonials, which are in real cases. Do not create a case for yourself. By this way, if anybody asks you where the testimonials are, you can answer that these are my clients. From there, you can show that you are genuine, that you are real.

Remember that being honest, truthful, and sincere is always a good thing in any situation, especially in metaphysics. You can go a long way in this business.

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