How to Wear Leggings this Spring

Change in weather results to change in the code of dressing. However, in springdoes not give us the freedom to exercise our taste in fashion, but we are limited to the availale option. With leggings, one can sort the increasing concern of the best clothing to wear. Leggings can help you maintain your comfort in cold mornings as well as warm afternoons. But another difficulty comes in on how to wear them. In this article, we delve into how you can wear leggings. Read on to find out.

Below are some of the best ideas on how you can combine leggings with shirts, jackets, edgy shoes, and other pieces of clothing in your wardrobe.

  • An Elongated Shirt and Platform Boots with Leggings

For official wear, leggings provide alternative wear to ladies as they go to the office. Going for the dark colors leggings attract less attention and for this reason, most of the offices allow women to wear leggings. Here is an office-appropriate look with leggings; Wear it with an elongated shirt and boots with a massive platform.

  • A Blazer and Leggings

Legging give us the liberty to wear them with other clothes. Do you want to sneak your tight leggings into your office wardrobe? Well, a pair of leggings and a voluminous jacket is a perfect way. You can add heels and a briefcase bag to complete this look.

  • Leggings, Crop Top and Trench Coat

A sporty touch? Leggings are sporty anyway. And can perfectly be supported by a crop top and sneakers. However, you don’t want a crop top to be the first piece of clothing to be spotted on the street. Therefore, add an elongated trench coat on top. Also, a baseball cap can make a good addition.

  • Cargo Jacket with Leggings

Fancy a walk in the park or walking in the street with your friends?Because soon, the stigma that leggings show off the body too much will ultimately be behind us.

  • Loose Tunic and Leggings

A simple and classic look. If there is a perfect piece of clothing in your closet to combine with leggings, it is a tunic. Yes, this is it!

The thing is, a tunic is too short to wear as a dress. And too long to put it on as a top as well. On the other hand, leggings are too thin to be trousers and too thick to be tights. It is for this reason that tunic and leggings are a perfect outfit.

  • Turtleneck and Oversized Leather Trench Coat with Leggings

Here you tuck in your leggings into high boots. Then get a form-fitting turtleneck top that matches your leggings; this will increase the degree of sexuality. Finish up this style by adding up an oversized leather coat.

  • Baggy Sweater with Leggings

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most incredible clothing combinations for the spring. An oversized sweater is not only cozy but can also help you to hide those flaws you don’t want people to see. A black legging will then smooth and lengthen your legs. The result? You get an ensemble that will make you feel comfortable and proud.


The fashion trends have continued to evolve, which has seen the popularity of leggings rise among girls. If you can’t find a pair of leggings in your wardrobe, you need to get some. Do not be left behind in this fashion trend. Sexy Leggings is a one-stop solution for any kind of leggings you can think of, available in all colors and sizes.

So whether you are a sports person or just like putting on a comfortable outfit, find some inspirations from the street style collections highlighted above and pick your favorites.

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