Strong or Weak Day Stems in Bazi Destiny

Many people use this element in their day stems to determine whether they are strong in their distance in specific elements or not.

They based on this concept to see whether they are strong in specific areas in their way of health.
This relationship with other people and this is actually the most primitive way of doing it. Because in the world of this Qi Men, we actually go far, much deeper into respective sectors and tell which elements are going to be good or bad for the person itself.

For example if your stem is an earth element and from that you can determine that fire is going to be good for you. But remember that in the eyes of this sector of your career, your business etc etc, every one of them every single sector have their own elements.

In this aspect if you just base it on the earth element to say that once you enhance your earth element every sector in your life is going to be improved. This is absolutely nonsense because you must understand every one of the sector itself there is a different element. If the element is different and it clashes with you in terms of the colour that you want to improve or you enhance then apparently it makes your energy difference worse. That particular sector for example if the health sector you purposely choose a red colour or fire elements and then from there this fire and this happens to be your health is going to be metal element. Your fire will actually eliminate and clutches with metal which makes your help worse.

Always remember that the sector for every sector for the elements could be different and do not assume that you have only one element.

There are actually more than one element itself, so if we use Qi Men we are able to see every single one of this sector belonging to what element. What you need to improve, you need to choose a different element to enhance or in harmony with it.

If you don’t know all these things then apparently you just believe that you have only one element and you just use one element to enhance it and produce it basically you are going to create a lot of chaos in your life.

An article by Qimen Academy

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